Oakland’s Rent Adjustment Program released a new Web app that streamlined the rental complaint process. The RAP website provides residents with information regarding rent increase laws, their rights as tenants, and the eviction process.

Mobile devices and geographic information system software were partly responsible for yielding a homeless person census in Aurora, Colo., that was more accurate than the previous year’s count, according to the director of the city’s homelessness program.

San Francisco is encouraging civic involvement through its Adopt a Drain SF program, where residents become responsible for one of the roughly 25,000 storm drains and catch basins that the city maintains.

Mesa, Ariz., is partnering with Aspect Software on an automated, text-based consumer engagement solution, or chatbot.

Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab revealed its new app dubbed Smell PGH, which allows users to report foul odors directly to the Allegheny County Health Department so it can better monitor and act on these incidents of bad-smelling air. The app also includes visualization of smell reports across Pittsburgh.

Fayetteville, N.C., is turning to an online app to monitor the performance of the city’s services and programs. TRACStat, a new publicly available application, will report key performance indicators, such as performance data, budget and financial data, and updates for strategic projects across the city. The new app is replacing semiannual printed reports or static documents posted on a website.

With a rise in public mistrust of police forces in cities across the country, many police departments have been refocusing their efforts on community policing to re-establish public trust.

Whether you’re going over the river or through the woods, Google Maps is ready to help you get to Grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving. The Google Maps team looked at historical Google Maps traffic data to help travelers avoid Thanksgiving gridlock. While the best time to leave has already passed, travelers can still avoid the worst travel time.

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