The Beehive State has been attracting tech startups like bees to honey. Known as Silicon Slopes, the state of Utah is growing in popularity with tech startups.

The Department of Health and Human Services awarded $350,000 to help its partners in the health care and public health sectors ward off cyberattacks.

Many states are beginning to introduce legislation to ensure transparency between the public and police forces, as well as to make sure privacy rights are protected.

The White House Cancer Moonshot has placed a large importance on data, and there are many ways in which that data can be improved, according to cancer experts.

Los Angeles has designed itself to be a hub for technological renaissance, and it’s possible for other cities to do so as well, according to a group of entrepreneurs.

George Washington University’s (GW) Research and Technology Services division is deploying 90 smart streetlights along Pennsylvania Avenue. The streetlights are equipped with cameras, offer free Wi-Fi, and operate on low amounts of energy. Alongside the streetlights, kiosks will offer information on local sights. These smart city technologies are part of GW’s PA 2040 project, a […]

U.S. cities with higher populations are more likely to rank smart city initiatives as a high or medium priority, according to a survey recently released by the International City/County Management Association and the Smart Cities Council.

Smart cities need to ensure that their technology is accessible to people in all socio-economic groups, according to Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Care New England Health System settled violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 Privacy and Security Rules with a payment of $400,000 and submitting a comprehensive action plan.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google want you to register to vote. Rather than waiting outside a grocery store or a train station, the tech giants are targeting potential voters on the Internet.

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