New York City (NYC) has released its “first-of-its-kind plan” to utilize AI for government operations across different government agencies and offices to help streamline operations for essential programs.

The New York City Artificial Intelligence Action Plan comes as many across the private and public sectors are ramping up their uses of the emerging technology that is proving to be essential for speeding up government work and processes.

“While artificial intelligence presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to more effectively deliver for New Yorkers, we must be clear-eyed about the potential pitfalls and associated risks these technologies present,” said NYC Mayor Eric Adams.

“I am proud to introduce a plan that will strike a critical balance in the global AI conversation — one that will empower city agencies to deploy technologies that can improve lives while protecting against those that can do harm,” said Mayor Adams.

The AI framework that NYC is creating will encompass 37 key actions, of which 29 will be focused on being started of completed within a year once the plan is implemented. Those actions include:

  • Establish a framework for AI governance that acknowledges the risks of AI, including bias and disparate impact;
  • Create an external advisory network to consult with stakeholders across sectors around the opportunities and challenges posed by AI;
  • Build AI knowledge and skills in city government to prepare city employees to effectively and responsibly work with and on AI;
  • Enable responsible AI acquisition with AI-specific procurement standards or guidance to support agency-level contracting; and
  • Publish an annual AI progress report to communicate about the city’s progress and implementation.

“The AI Action Plan exemplifies how the Adams administration is using the technology of tomorrow to better serve New Yorkers today,” said First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright.

“This framework will help city agencies take advantage of AI’s potential to better deliver vital services while protecting New Yorkers’ privacy and concerns about bias. I look forward to seeing how the MyCity AI chatbot unlocks the potential of small-business owners across our city, allowing them to focus on what they do best – growing their businesses – while government does its part in making it easier to ‘Get Stuff Done,’” said Wright.

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