As part of its efforts to expand broadband access, Nevada has created the Nevada Middle Mile Network. The network is a 2,500-mile open access, fiber optic network that will reach many unserved communities in Nevada.

The state has allocated $250 million for this effort, which will fund one-time construction costs of the network.

“I’m pleased to announce the allocation of $250 million towards Middle Mile Infrastructure,” said Gov. Joe Lombardo. “This significant investment will enhance internet connectivity in communities across Nevada that have struggled with inadequate internet access. By addressing these critical gaps, we are ensuring that all Nevadans have the opportunity to benefit from reliable and fast internet service.”

The network is part of the High Speed Nevada Initiative, and the construction of the middle mile network will enable the Office of Science, Innovation and Technology (OSIT) to bring better connectivity to hundreds of unserved K-12 schools, libraries, state and local government facilities, and community anchor institutions in the next few years.

“We are working to provide every Nevadan with access to high-speed internet that is affordable, reliable, and scalable,” said Brian Mitchell, director of OSIT. “Nevada requires significant investments in middle-mile infrastructure to support future last-mile residential investments. This project is a big step towards meeting our goals.”

State leaders also explained that the Nevada Middle Mile Network will significantly expand network capacity between urban areas of Nevada and throughout rural regions across the state, greatly enhancing the capacity of last-mile networks to deliver affordable, high-speed Internet access to over 40,000 locations that are unserved or underserved today.

As part of the investment, OSIT will build ubiquitous, open access, middle mile infrastructure that will result in robust, redundant pathways to major internet exchange points. Additionally, a range of middle mile services will be offered at pricing comparable to that available in metropolitan areas.

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