The Federal Communications Commission on May 15 published the agency’s Broadband Funding Map which shows where the Federal government is providing financial support for broadband infrastructure development projects across the country.

The map ties together the wide array of government-assisted broadband infrastructure projects that receive funding from the FCC, the Treasury Department, the Department of Agriculture, and the Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration.

The commission’s creation of the funding map was mandated by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act approved by Congress in late 2021.

The map will be updated going forward with any additional broadband infrastructure projects that receive Federal government support.

“The Broadband Funding Map allows users to identify, search, and filter federal funding programs by the Internet Service Provider receiving funding, the duration timeline, the number of locations included in the project, and the download and upload speeds,” the FCC said.

“In addition to depicting where broadband funding exists, the Broadband Funding Map contains broadband availability data as of June 30, 2022—the same data that currently appear” on the FCC’s National Broadband Map, the agency said.  

That National Broadband Map serves a vital function as the government’s source of truth for how broadband service has been deployed across the country, and for identifying unserved and underserved areas that may be targeted for further assistance efforts. Future updates to the Broadband Funding Map will also trigger updates to the National Broadband Map, the FCC said.

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