California’s Cradle-to-Career (C2C) Data System has begun integrating more than 1 billion data points, which the state calls a “pivotal phase in its effort to transform education and workforce development.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office explained that in October of this year, C2C successfully received its first data installment from data partners. As a result, the system will now integrate more than 1 billion data points that have been collected and validated at the state level. Newsom’s office said that C2C’s integration of data will provide the public, researchers, and lawmakers with unprecedented insight that could improve education and quality of life for millions of Californians.

“By leveraging billions of data points, California’s Cradle-to-Career data system will be a game-changer for improving the quality of life for millions of Californians and highlighting ways to improve opportunity in the classroom and access to the workforce,” Gov. Newsom said. “Through insights and innovation only made possible by this system, the Golden State is leading the nation in equitably connecting our education system to the workforce to ensure every Californian has the freedom to succeed.”

By linking datasets from K-12 and higher education, social service, and workforce entities, California says it is “on the verge” of uniting information from disconnected data across sectors and providing insights previously unavailable.

Through C2C, the public, researchers, and lawmakers will be able to access detailed information on education and career outcomes, workforce trends. The data is further broken down by race, gender, ability, and geography, giving the public, researchers, and lawmakers the ability to see and address areas of strength, needed growth, and any inequities.

“This milestone represents a significant step forward in our mission to establish a robust, comprehensive data system that provides a nuanced understanding of Californians’ educational and professional journeys,” said Mary Ann Bates, executive director of the California Cradle-to-Career Data System. “I want to thank our data partners for their unwavering commitment to ensuring that Californians will have validated, reliable data available to inform decisions. This collective effort will equip our state with the data and tools necessary to ensure that every Californian has the opportunity to succeed.”

This first data transmission included data that has been collected, validated, and prepared by C2C’s partners: California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office; California Department of Education; California State University Chancellor’s Office; California Student Aid Commission; Commission on Teacher Credentialing; Department of Health Care Services; Department of Social Services; and University of California Office of the President.

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