With a new executive order (EO), New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has created an Artificial Intelligence Task Force, which is tasked with studying emerging AI technologies. The governor’s office noted that the task force will be responsible for analyzing the potential impacts of AI on society as well as preparing recommendations to identify government actions encouraging the ethical use of AI technologies.

“With the rapid development of AI, New Jersey aspires to harness these new technologies and realize their benefits to better serve our state, encourage innovation and economic growth, and promote social and economic equity,” said Gov. Murphy. “I am proud to establish a Task Force that will not only work to understand the benefits of AI but also analyze its growth and potential risks. It is critical that New Jersey continue to foster an environment for innovation while protecting individual and civil rights, and I am confident that the AI Task Force will further this important mission.”

The task force will be led by the chief technology officer, chief innovation officer, and the CEO of the Economic Development Authority. Task force members include the director of the Office of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging; the commissioner of the Department of Education; the secretary of Higher Education; the commissioner of the Department of Labor and Workforce Development; the director of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness; and the attorney general, or their designees.

The governor’s office said the task force will also consult with industry leaders, academic experts, consumer advocates, and government innovators to build out its recommendations. After members are officially appointed, the task force will have 12 months to release a public report with its findings and recommendations.

In addition to the task force, Gov. Murphy also announced a new initiative to educate New Jersey’s State workforce about the development, use, and risks of AI. The New Jersey Office of Innovation will launch a free AI training targeted to state workers in the coming months.

“Generative AI is poised to be a transformative tool for government service delivery. With today’s announcement, New Jersey is leading the way by preparing our government’s professionals to enhance the equitable delivery of government services to New Jersey’s residents, businesses, and institutions,” said Beth Simone Noveck, the State of New Jersey’s chief innovation officer. “As co-chair of the state’s AI Task Force, I’m pleased to partner with my colleagues from across the Administration by investing in the State’s public workforce and making it possible for New Jersey’s public professionals to learn how to use AI for public benefit.”

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