Google Maps is Helping Travelers Beat Thanksgiving Traffic

Whether you’re going over the river or through the woods, Google Maps is ready to help you get to Grandmother’s house this Thanksgiving.

The Google Maps team looked at historical Google Maps traffic data to help travelers avoid Thanksgiving gridlock. While the best time to leave has already passed, travelers can still avoid the worst travel time.

(Illustration: Google)
(Illustration: Google)

According to Google’s data, you’re best off heading out early for your Thanksgiving visit and returning shortly after finishing the Thanksgiving feast. While everyone is busy standing in line at Best Buy and Target for Black Friday sales, you can cruise down the highway. But if you avoid taking vacation time and leave Wednesday afternoon, you’ll be stuck in traffic.

Google has the scoop on air travel as well. So whether you are flying or just being the airport shuttle, here are the best times to head to the airport.

(Illustration: Google)
(Illustration: Google)

As with travel by car, booking flights during less desirable traffic times will mean shorter wait times during check-in and at security. Fly early or fly late, but avoid midafternoon travel.

As you set out for Thanksgiving Day travel, don’t forget about the treasure trove of big data that is Google. Keep an eye on Google Maps’ recommendations to avoid wasting time in a traffic jam.

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