The George Mason University (GMU) launched a new program that will utilize software automation in higher education to improve productivity, operations, and service delivery, according to a press release published on Sept. 27.

The Virginia Academic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Community of Practice (CoP) will encourage colleges and universities to collaborate across the commonwealth to leverage emerging technology that will enhance students’ experiences.

According to their website, RPA will remove tedious and mundane tasks – like routine accounting and expenses duties – to improve the quality of professional life in higher education and reduce costs and time delays.

The Virginia Academic RPA CoP plans to offer a range of opportunities to individuals and academic institutions at no cost.

“We are eager to launch this pioneering project and look forward to helping determine how RPA can aid the academic sector through knowledge sharing, webinars, speakers, best practices, and updates on programs which could be automated to reduce tedious and mundane work done today by academic personnel,” said David Rehr, co-founder of the RPA Initiative at GMU.

The new program is being partially funded by 4-VA@Mason, a technology research and innovation collaboration between GMU and seven other higher education institutions in the state.

“Bringing innovative thinking to our academic partners across the commonwealth is the hallmark of 4-VA,” said Dorin Munteanu, co-founder of the RPA Initiative at GMU. “We believe that the Academic RPA CoP will deliver important resources, not only saving money for participating institutions, but also creating a higher level of quality control and, ultimately, enrich the student experience.”

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