The city of New Orleans will move the management of its city vehicle fleet to the cloud in a bid to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of city fleet operations across its 41 departments.

The city of New Orleans is working with Mission Critical Partners (MCP) to overhaul New Orleans’ “critically antiquated” justice technology systems, and that will replace decades-old computer systems with cloud-based technologies.

Nearly two years after the city of New Orleans entered into a contract to upgrade its 911 records management system, the city has canceled the contract citing “serious shortcomings.”

One year ago – almost to the day – the city of New Orleans was the victim of a cyberattack and following the city’s impressive recovery, MeriTalk checked in with New Orleans CIO Kimberly LaGrue to understand how her team helped the city recover and what they’ve learned as a result.


The New Orleans Police Department plans to install automatic license plate readers throughout the city. Police consider the investment in the new technology, used elsewhere in Louisiana, as a “down payment” on public safety. The cameras will allow police to mine a large database of license plate images and identify and track suspects.

The FBI has launched a campaign to improve industry reporting to its Internet Crime Compliant Center (IC3) in major cities across the United States. “IC3 is often the first piece of the investigative puzzle. We receive victim complaints and then analyze, aggregate, and exploit those complaints to provide law enforcement with comprehensive reports that can […]

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