To help connect residents with addiction recovery resources, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb announced the launch of Shatterproof Treatment Atlas. The new tool aims to connect Indiana residents with appropriate addiction treatment and deliver user-friendly information about the quality of available programs.

The city of Bloomington, Ind., has awarded a total of $50,000 as part of its 2023 Digital Equity Grants program to 13 area nonprofits that will focus on bridging the digital divide and increasing digital resources for residents.


Government tech execs at the Federal and state level offered advice and tips on how they are approaching the pressing need to recruit more data scientists into their organizations as reliance on data-centric technologies like artificial intelligence continues to grow.

Tracy Barnes, chief information officer (CIO) for the state of Indiana, said the use of artificial  intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are a crucial component of the state’s automation strategy. Employing the latest automation tech, he said, helps the state punch above its weight in the continuing battle to protect networks and data against cyberattacks.

Data is key for Indiana CIO Dewand Neely. His team is focused on helping the Indiana state government incorporate data into its decision-making. From helping to establish a metrics-driven agency to focusing on citizen feedback to determine projects, Neely believes data can help the government make better decisions across the board.

Systems integration and exploring new functionality are two major technological challenges for states pursuing their own health care initiatives, according to Jim Hardy, Deloitte Consulting’s Medicaid advisory services lead.

The South Bend (Ind.) Police Department launched a “Transparency Hub” on April 26. Using tools produced by Esri, the city’s Innovation and Technology Department partnered with the police to create the interactive dashboard, which reveals the prevalence of certain crimes over time.

In 2016, more than 130 police officers were killed in the line of duty in the United States, which is the highest number of fatalities on the job in five years. Every day police officers around the country put themselves in harm’s way; luckily new advancements in technology are helping to reduce deaths and injuries among police.

The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana received permission to purchase a TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer. The device is able to test for 370 illicit substances without requiring police to open any packaging that may be around the suspected substance.

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