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It’s time to rethink government’s cybersecurity priorities. Over sixty percent of state and local IT leaders estimate their high-value assets (HVAs) have been potentially compromised in the past 12 months, but fewer than half report their organization has made progress on foundational cyber hygiene steps. There is a widespread acceptance of dealing with a breach […]

After years of discussion around smarter government service delivery, how can SLG leaders use this moment to make concrete progress toward more effective and efficient citizen-centric experiences? What investments are moving digital delivery forward, and what challenges remain?

The Total Economic Impact
K12 Issue Brief
Higher Education Stimulus Funding
SLG Tech Tightrope

MeriTalk surveyed 200 state and local governments IT and program managers to understand how are leaders are walking the tightrope of investing in innovation while juggling revenue constraints.

K-12 Stimulus Funding
Migrate Windows Apps

Moving critical apps to the cloud deserves thoughtful consideration. Often, internal IT teams have deep experience in building and running Windows apps on premises, so making a change can seem daunting.

Citizen Service Transformation
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